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Star Citizen Gladius


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The Gladius light fighter is the unsung hero of the UEE Navy.  From training space pilots to providing protection and fighting capability throughout the galaxy, the Gladius has proven itself a critical addition to the combat lineup.  While the ever popular Hornet gets the headlines, the Gladius is always there in the background mopping up and doing the hard work keeping space secure.  A small, fast, and agile combatant, the Gladius is a joy to fly.  Pilots love the responsive controls and fantastic visibility.  No matter where you go, every Veteran UEE pilot fondly remembers their time with the Gladius.

This model is the LEGO representation of the valiant Aegis Gladius light fighter from the upcoming video game Star Citizen.  It has retractable landing gear, a canopy that opens, 2 missile hardpoints, and a minifig UEE Navy pilot.  

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