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Lego Shunter


Brief Description
This little train shunter is mainly used to push train cars into different areas of the track. They don't take big loads, though this one can. This whole train is built on the 2 little wheels and the all the parts needed in the more modern RC trains are on it. There is not much room for minifigures.

Why This Would Be a Good Set
This would make a good set as most shunters MOC's (my own creations) are built using the old 9volt system that not many people have. Though this train is quite bulky and the designs are not very well done (the front should be angled black and yellow lines, and the toggle power button can fall out too easily), the whole idea is quite good.

The Train Working as a Train
In the running of this train, this train can run quite well and quite fast. I think I have got it to 5-6/7 speeds and it can go quite fast compared to trains with a pair of unpowered wheels at the back. There is also no need for more wire (if fact there is too much wire)

How to build it
The last 2 photos show the train with parts removed to show how the train is built, it is 100% symmetrical.

Last Thanks
This is my first post and I wish myself the best of luck
-LegoMCPJR (sorry about cheesy name)


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