MOC - MPAM Battle lion

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This MOC is a modification based upon my previous Jeguar (Jedi Temple Guardians), his official name now is M.P.A.M Battle Lion (M.P.A.M = Multi-purpose assault mech), which could be better as it is originated from that lion head brick ... probably you find some sense of Pacific RIM, but it is just my own creation as always, ordinary old style, but offers nice experience to play with due to the stable structure and high flexibility.

Above picture is the full body standing on simple show deck ... hope it's giving you a good sense of heavy, strong, and muscular,right? ^_^

Upside of the above picture is viewing from different angles. In the middle one, you can see his hidding engine on the back

Kneeing on single leg could always a good flexibility test for Mech MOCs, while the below part of above picture is showing Battle lion can make it rather easily,

Now, showing more details here:
- upside ... a pilot with operation control system, refined leg & feet (added adjustable assistant engines)
- downside ... hidding engine on the back, open to provide strong support for moving during battles

Last but not least, some interesting poses here:
- Left ... hi, my name's Battle lion, I can play Taiji!
- Middle ... in peaceful time, I count stars with friends in the evening ^_^
- Right ... report for duty! ready to fight!

All right, that's all, hope you like this MOC!

Enjoy LEGO!