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Space World - Starship Fighter

While war is waged over the control of the galaxy, a new hope has been born : the ultimate Starship figther , a new generation of galaxy defenders to save the world from its arch-foes.

*** My Own Creation, mini scale spirit ***

My Dark ages period is over :) , I 've just started to renew with my first love, passion : Lego bricks. And I would especially like to thank my godchild for letting me borrow his remaining lego bricks :) to build this MOC.
This MOC is a tribute to one my childhood favourite TV show : San Ku Kai.

*** Thanks, take care, Kiseng ***

*** Space World - Starship Fighter ***

Starship Figther splits in 3 space fighters : main one and two mini space fighters.

Villains get ready, your defeat is near.

Actually the mini Space figthers could be varied, numerous, interchangeable, but still linked to the main mother space.

Please feel free to comment, support, like, dislike, bookmark etc ...
Take care, Kiseng.

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