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Hazmat Havoc!



Lego city has been struck with a strange, green ooze that threatens to turn everything into a toxic jungle!

Join hazmat John (not harry, he is off work today due to excessive alliteration) as he dons the super powerful hazmat havoc mech and battles the sinister Steven slime and toxic Tom!

The hazmat mech comes with gripping hands and powerful legs for jumping atop even the highest of buildings in lego city. It can fit two laser cannons and hazmat john comfortably in its top. But that's not all, the hazmat mech also has a mind of its own and can move alone to tackle more dangerous foes! It even has clips for decontamination gear and a buzz saw on its back. There are two powerful cannons on its wrists which are fueled by the healing tank on the back.

Together hazmat John and his hazmat havoc mech make a formidable team! 



(I am working on more mechs of this design for a series so this is hopefully going to be the first of many, watch out for firefighting mechs and ninja mechs in the future!) 





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