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F1 Legend

"F1 Legend" is a Lego model based on F1 race cars of the early 2000's. The "idea" is to create a hybrid construction set with the traditional looks of the old "System" sets (or the new Creator line) and the functionality of Technic models. It's built 1/8 scale and it features:
  • Independent suspension
  • 4 working gears with differential
  • V10 piston engine with detailed exhaust manifolds
  • Steering wheels (with "hand of god" above the drive's roll bar and steering wheel inside the cockpit)
  • Multi-element wings
  • Flat bottom and Venturi channels

The "idea" is not to offer a set with unprecedented technical functions, nor to copy the impressive supercars of the modern Technic line. Growing up as a child in the 80's and 90's I was spending many hours playing with my Lego Technic. However I sometimes found their look to be wanting. And so at times I tried to make something looking cool, while using the old studded beams and panels. One day as kids, an old friend suggested we'd build an F1 car as big as we could, but back then we didn't have the right wheels, suspensions arms, uprights etc. In fact I tried building the model in the 90's and stalled 2/3 of the way, and the unfinished car sat in a box for more than 25 years. As an adult I had the chance to put my hands back on this project, and with nowadays upgraded Technic parts I was able to achieve what I envisioned as a young teen. I took apart my first attempt (pictures available if wanted) and re-built it from scratch.
I have purposely used my old childhood bricks for the most part because I wanted to keep the iconic, old-fashion studded look. Building such model would be probably easier and would look even better with the modern Lego parts (curved and smooth panels, in addition to a large selection of small detailed parts). I have only used some “newer” elements to achieve the combination of form and function I wanted. In a way this model is also a "shout out" to the short-lived "Model Team" line of the early 90's.
I think this would be a great Lego set for the following reasons:
  • It's a large, detailed and aesthetically pleasing vehicle, vastly built with legacy Lego parts, while taking advantage of more modern pieces to achieve functionality.
  • It's mostly built with studded beams and plates, offering the builder the chance to experience older or unorthodox building techniques, a "vintage" look, and possibly a piece of Lego history
  • It's unique because while other F1 sets where released by the Lego Group, they were either Technic models (incomplete or approximate bodies), or Racers/Speed Champions models (smaller scale or lacking functions)

As a child I often wished the Lego sets I purchased could come in different colors. For example, I really wished I could build my 8865 in blue or yellow, or even white or black. If this model became a Lego set, I would be happy to see it in optional colors, especially blue or yellow. Therefore I have digitally altered the color of the original pictures to offer an idea of the model in the traditional Lego blue and yellow, and a more modern medium green.