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Renaissance Express High Speed Train

This train with the name 'Rennaisance' is a standardised high speed passenger EMU train with 3 different compartments: First Class, Second Class and of course the buffet/meal train car. 

A iconic part of this train is the front windshield, it is constructed with 2 window pieces mounted together with the light inside of the window. The formation of the headlights and window surely is an eye catcher. 

A single set 4 car formation train has 2 pantographs, and 2 motor cars that can power the train in either direction, P/F can be fitted into this set but it will require to wipe out the interior of the 2 motor cars.

What sets this train out from the others is it's length, the normal carriages are 40 studs long which is almost double of the currently sold Lego Train Models. And its one of its kind to be introduced as a 4 carriage formation. Consumers whom are interested in purchasing a mid sized complete set would surely like this model.

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