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Operation: Steam Knights - Delux Bone Mecha

Operation Steam Knights: Delux Bone Mecha

This 321 piece mecha unit is a continuation of the Operation Steam Knights theme. It is created to add villains to the story and to generate a more varied colour pallet for the line.


- Multiple joints in all limbs to allow for various poses and game play.
- Chain linked weapons for simulated attack (could be adapted in real bricks to include launching mechanism.
- Opening cockpit hatch to remove skeleton pilot.
- Armoured skeleton mini fig.

Fiction: Within the Steam Knights' world there are those who create mecha using the engineering skills of the Dwalves, and those who do so by magic. The villain known as Necrosus does so by the darkest of evil magic. Powered by evil this pile of metal and bones is a walking engine of destruction.

Close up shot of cockpit detail and pilot.

Close up shot of weapons, harpoon and sword.

Moody shot.

Rear view, to show detail not all at the front.

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