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Save The Lion Gardiner


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This project was create for the express purpose of bringing awareness to the attempt to save the last remaining car of the original, non streamlined, 20th Century Limited. I say attempt because the existence of this historically significant train car is being threatened by scrapping. Its current owner, the Catskill Mountain Railroad, is fighting for survival itself as its lease on trackage ends, the community is forcing it to abandon all of its yards in downtown Kingston. This would be completely irrelevant if not for the detail that the Lion Gardiner is sitting at the end of the useable track. The railroad is not yet being forced to be entirely abandoned (however that might soon happen) but it is still trying to expand and the Lion Gardiner is in its way. The railroad is either selling or scrapping everything at then end of the line, including the car in question. The Coebrookdale Railroad in Boyertown, PA has expressed interest in the car but, cannot afford the $20,000 price tag to ship the car down to Pennsylvania. If the money is not raised, or another immediate buyer is not found, the last car from the original New York Central 20th Century Limited will be at the mercy of the scrapper's torch and dismantled where she sits in a matter of two months. This project more than anything is part of a bigger scheme, a plan to ensure the continued existence and operation of this important, one of a kind dining car. In order to help us meet our goal, please visit For more information: and

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