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Guardians of the Galaxy Milano


Instructions work in progress


Well I finally got a chance to work on the instructions but they probably wont be done for a little bit.  I have taken around 1500 pictures to reference the steps I took into making the ship, however they are very crude and I don't think they would be use to anyone other than myself in their current state.  So I now begin the process of making better and more coherent instructions, till then I posted some of the pictures I took with a bunch of printing paper lying everywhere.  The final instructions might not come till after I resubmit the project once the timer ends.  


Update 1


Well now that college is out of the way, I can actually work on some updates over the summer.  This update didn't require too much work but I thought it would be cool to put in some front lights seen in the beginning of the movie and a few pictures of the back that I hadn't finished from before.  In the next update I intend to include a proper stand that can hold and angle the Milano off the floor.  Last but not least, thank you for all the support!