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Saturn Invaders II


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Saturn Invaders - Set II

"It was 1962. The Cold War was still threatening International security due to the continuous "arm wrestling" between Capitalism and Communism. But the war didn't last long. It was June 12 when an alien fleet, coming from Saturn, attacked Earth.

Humans at that time were not prepared for a full-scale attack and this facilitated the alien invasion that lasted until 2014. But today, thanks to Top-Secret Agency I.P.S.A (International Planetary Security Agency), global population is ready to get rid of the Invaders once and for all in a full-scale surprise attack."

"Saturn Invaders II" is my second LEGO Set built with the support of LDD (LEGO Digital Designer 4.3). It's also the second part of my "LEGO Trilogy" submitted on LEGO Ideas.


  • N° of Bricks required: 213
  • N° of UFOs: 1 (RSS Uranium)
  • N° of Characters: 3 (Alien Scout, Human Male + Frozen Human Male)
  • Difficulty Level: 1/10

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Red alert! Red alert! Incoming UFOs Backup! All men to battle stations! This is not a drill! I repeat: this is not a drill!

The invaders have requested backup! We need to destroy them. But HOW can we defend Earth from this incoming invasion? There is only a way! We need to support this first LEGO Set and reach each number of supporters. Every support will be equivalent to a given amount of UFOs destroyed and aliens defeated.

  • 50 Supporters - 20 UFOs destroyed
  • 100 Supporters - 80 UFOs destroyed
  • 500 Supporters - 140 UFOs captured
  • 1000 Supporters - 250 alien scouts killed and 10 captured
  • 5000 Supporters - RSS Uranium destroyed
  • 10000 Supporters - 5 alien scouts killed

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A huge thank you goes to "Can't get enough Futurama" website's Alien Language Codecs that, thanks to its software, allowed me to give my Project a name translated into an "alien language".

But a greater thank you goes to the LEGO Ideas Community for the support received. It means that I made a good work and that people are appreciating it. Keep supporting this project and we'll be able to save the Earth and the rest of the Solar System and defeat these Invaders!

And, moreover, with your support, make it into an official LEGO set.

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