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Food Truck

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Food Truck
Food trucks are incredibly cool. They bring adventure to the streets with vibrant colors, delicious aromas, and a variety of mouthwatering cuisines. They create a lively atmosphere where strangers become friends, united by their love for exceptional food. Food trucks represent entrepreneurship, creativity, and the joy of culinary discovery. Embrace the magic they bring and savor every bite. What makes food trucks even more charming is the vibrant atmosphere they create. Crowds gather around, forming a lively community of food enthusiasts, eagerly anticipating their turn to savor the delectable creations. It's a social gathering where strangers become friends, united by their shared love for exceptional food. So, next time you spot a food truck, take a moment to appreciate the culinary magic it brings. Dive into the culinary adventure, relishing every bite and savoring the unique experience. Food trucks are more than just mobile eateries; they are symbols of culinary excellence, forging a connection between food, community, and the joy of discovery. 🍽️

About this set
This is a LEGO food truck, and it includes three Minifigures: a chef, a regular person, and an elderly person. For easier access, the ceiling on this truck can be removed. It has all the necessities for a food truck. For instance, the kitchen area of the construction includes everything you'll need to prepare meals, including a refrigerator, an oven, a coffee maker, an ice cream maker, and a glass ceramic (all of which are easily detachable for better access). The driving part and the kitchen section are the two sections of this construction. Everything required for cooking and serving customers is in the kitchen, which is accessible through the back door. There are two sets for the driving part, which is the smallest section.
Also this set has lots of details in all, the parts of the building, such as the solar panels at the back, the little bird at the top and more. This set took a hole month to create this, so I will appreciate a lot if you could support this LEGO Ideas project!

Technic Information
Dimensions in Studs: Length= 26 and Width= 12
Dimensions in Cm: Height= 16 cm, Width= 11cm and Length= 20.5 cm
Minifigures: 3

If you've always wanted a tiny food truck like this, we can perhaps make this LEGO Food Truck into a real LEGO Ideas set with your help.Thank you and I appreciate your support‼️

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