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A-L BS MK VIIb "Valkyrie" Battle Scout Mecha


The void between planets is a dangerous place filled with pirates, rogue comets, and the occasional hostile alien. Designed by ExoSolar Corporation, the "Valkyrie" Assault Mecha - Light Battle Scout is designed and equipped to carry an independent, quick-witted, and brave woman into these dire and treacherous situations and emerge unscathed.

Built around a fully enclosed pilot's compartment, the "Valkyrie" is  capable of handling the dangers of space or atmosphere and has the following features:

  • Fully poseable with rotating waist, jointed arms, legs, feet, and hands, and movable head.
  • Grasping hands capable of holding the charged particle cannon.
  • Dual power cables with multiple connection points should an accident or battle result in damage .
  • Enclosed pilot's compartment with chest hatch access.
  • Pulsar fins which can be shifted between two modes,
    • fully extended Assault configuration providing the ultimate in force shielding defense
    • fully retracted Pursuit configuration providing one of the fastest acceleration systems in production
  • Moveable head with multiple long and short range detection scanners and communications array.

The "Valkyrie" is designed to be a playable robot or mecha set for females with an aggressive profile.


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