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EM-AT MkIV "Candy Striper" Mobile Med Bay


Life exploring the vastness of any frontier is full of potential danger for any explorer and the designers at ExoSolar Corporation have created the EM-AT MkIV Mobile Med Bay, referred to as the "Candy Striper" by our many satisfied customers, to provide instantaneous emergency medical care no matter the terrain.

The "Candy Striper" comes fully equipped to support any medical or aid requiring emergency and has the following features:

  1. Contra-gravitic propulsion system capable of traversing over any terrain including oceans and over the canopy of forests.
  2. Robotic Auto-Doc on a levitating stretcher capable of first aid and minor surgery.
  3. Doctor with a complete chemical lab and molecular analyzer capable of analyzing and producing most medicines.
  4. Raised pilots platform with enhanced radar and sensor suite to better locate and navigate to areas of disaster.
  5. Rear cargo bay with stasis chamber and crates for supplies. Can also be used to evacuate refugees.
  6. Numerous moveable spotlights to better locate individuals in distress even in the worst weather.

Designed to allow the creator varying methods of play from stationary storytelling to zipping across the room the creator is encourage to think and act with the intent of helping others while adventuring physically and mental in a world of their own creation.

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