Product Idea

Medieval Outpost

This medieval outpost once stationed a small group of knights who guarded the kingdom from surprise attacks. It was positioned far away from the castle and village along the outlying frontier where they could also enforce the kings rule over its rural peasants. At some point a band of farmers and forestmen united efforts to overthrow the outpost. By doing so they relieved the locals from the king's soldiers harsh treatment and used the outpost as their new home...knowing that someday the soldiers would return in more numbers!
Eventually, word traveled to the king that the outpost was overrun by outlaws. The king demanded a high reward for the capture of the unruly peasants and sent his best knight to scope out the situation. What happens next is up to you...!

The Medieval Outpost would make a great display piece but still has many play features also. Of course there's an interior on both floors that you can access using the "lift off" technique to remove the roof and second level. I especially had fun creating the odd angled roof, chimney, and bowed out front wall. The castle theme is overdue for a revival and I believe there is a demand for this unique "ramshackle" style of building with advanced build techniques.

4 Minifigures, a horse, goat, and cat.
Lots of weapons/accessories.
Total Parts: 1,527

Thanks for viewing! 
(I also built a Medieval Dock House & Blacksmith Shop with links below)