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Norwood Tower


Deep in the northern reaches of the kingdom, the king has dispatched his younger brother to put down an uprising begun by a troublesome uncle who desires the throne.  For the young prince's seat he has refurbished an ancient tower in the woods, Norwood tower.  He has enlisted the help of his kingly brothers banner-men as well as the local forest people to defend it from his uncle, who has fallen in with fell men and wild beasts!    

Norwood Tower boasts:

  • Six stories, including a main hall, king's quarters, library, mages tower, upper level, and a secret cave underneath the tower.
  • A winch for getting supplies to all the levels of the tower
  • A secret entrance to the lower cave via a trap door in the main hall's fireplace leading to a secret passage outside
  • An archery range
  • ​The ability to open on one side to allow for greater accessibility to the tower

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