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Hot Rod's Pursuit


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Mutt Smokey is a passionate guy, fascinated by cars, mechanics and speed.
When he finds an old 1940 pick up in a scrapyard, he uses his talent to transform the rattletrap into a powerfull monster.
He adds wide tires for better grip, a V8 engine for for speed and a reduce roof for style. Mutt paints the rod in two-tone colors, white and magenta, for more visibility in the streets.
With 4 slots of breadth (without tires) and 13 slots of length, this rod is composed of 95 parts.

But on the road, we must drive safety, and officers Jones and Davis patrol to protect and to serve people.
The chase is intense, the cars rushing at high speed in the streets.
Jones is a former pilot. He was in competition against Mutt during many years in Nascar's races.
Now, he is a policeman, and he drives a 1949 police car equipped for the pursuit.
The police car is composed of 229 parts. With 8 slots of breadth and 17 slots of length, the vehicle has many details, like a siren, beacon, bull bar and radio.

I made for this submit two different vehicles, a hot rod and a classic car in the police version.
I used many techniques, to get radically different frames. I think these vehicles will bring new construction experiences.