Product Idea

The Adjustable Phone Stand

Hello all lego lovers!  Anyone ever gets tired from holding their phone?  When you take a video, does it look like your phone was shaking when you took the video?  If so, I present to you great people, the new adjustable phone stand!

Can it hold any type of phone?

In fact, it can!  Whether you have the newest or oldest phone or an apple or android phone, the stand should be able to hold it!

Are there any special features to it?  How does the stand sustain the weight of a phone?

To start off, most of the parts I used for this project are frictionless to help the whole design move easier.  As you can tell from the second picture, you can simply turn the red pointer piece to adjust the height of the stand.  The main part of the stand that holds the phone is controled by the red pointer piece and is attached to a part that simply slides up and down an axle with a stopper on the top to prevent the main part from dislodging from the rest of the design.  But because the axle is frictionless, the weight of the phone would bring the main part of the stand down.  However, to fix this issue you can slide the yellow 1/2 bushel to where you want it, as shown in picture three, which has enough friction to keep the phone up.  Of course, with any good design, there should be some aesthetic features to it as you can see them in all of my pictures above.  Thanks for stopping by, please support and share this with your friends!

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