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Cosmos: Ship of the Imagination


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"We're gonna need a ship with dual engines: science and imagination." -Neil deGrasse Tyson


      On March 9th, 2014, Neil de Grasse Tyson started us on a journey from the infinitesimal to the infinite on “Cosmos: A Space-time Odyssey”. 34 years after Carl Sagan piloted his Ship of the Imagination on PBS, a new Ship of the Imagination debuted on Fox.


      The re-imagined Ship of the Imagination has a sleek new design in order to differ from Sagan’s dandelion ship. In order to commemorate this great event of both television and science, I would like to present the LEGO Ship of the Imagination.The set comes complete with a minfigure of Neil deGrasse Tyson.There is also a possibility for the commemorative set to include a minfigure of Carl Sagan as well.


       The Ship of the Imagination comes complete with a sleek, silver body and a rotating interior so Dr. Tyson can travel vertically or horizontally. (Note: color is gray in rendering but is actually silver.)


       Because this is the Ship rendered into bricks, it can compatible with virtually any other set; It has the capability to travel to any time or place. No matter where you are going, the city or deep space, the Ship of Imagination will take you there!


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