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Update 5 about supports

If you supported or are going to support please spread the word so this project can become a lego set. This would be the best lego set ever. I can guarantee that no one is not going to buy one to place on their lego collection shelf.


Guys Important read!

We only have 37 days left and we are at 57 people lets not let that 57 supports go to waster. Lets make it to 100


Bb-8 Has a freind!

I believe that all of us togther can get this project to 100 supporters. And since we've got to 51 i made a Micro U-wing that i will also be posting. 



Congrats Guys!

Guys congrats we are half way there to 100 we've got 51. Thanks to everyone who supported and helped this project get this far. Everyone who supported this feel proud of yourselves for making history. We've only got 49 more to go.


Please Read

Thanks guys for supporting me. If you guys can spread the word of this projects to your friends and stuff that would be really great. I posted this before and it got to 30 then it ran out of time this time we have a really good start. If we can make it to 100 that would be great. I know it sounds like it might be asking a lot but it's not much thanks to everyone for supporting my project.