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The Lone Islands


Lone Islands History

For those interested in fun facts about things, here is a brief history of the Lone Islands. 

The Lone Islands were independent for a while, but they were constantly terrorized by a fearsome dragon. When King Gale, ninth in descent from King Frank, the first king of Narnia, visited the Lone Islands, he slew the dragon and freed the people. as a result the Lone Islands came under Narnian rule.

During the reign of the White Witch, the slave trade began and didn't end until the rule of Caspian X. He came to the Lone Islands while on a quest to find the seven lost lords. During his adventure on the Lone Islands he found Lord Bern, abolished the slave trade, and replaced Governor Gumpas with Lord Bern (according to the book). from then on, everything is peaceful on the Lone Islands for a while. Nothing more is said about the Lone Islands in the rest of the books.

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Possible Minifigures

These are the characters from the Lone Islands. Some or all of these could come in the set. Sorry about the mixed flesh (some are yellow and some are tan) I have to work with what I have.

This is King Caspian, King Edmund, ans Queen Lucy. Caspian is holding Peter's sword.

This is Eustace, Reepicheep, and Lord Bern. Reepicheep is completely brick built so that I could make him smaller and shorter than the rest of the characters. Lord Bern is holding one of the seven swords which Caspian and his crew have to lay at Aslan's Table to defeat the green mist.

Next is Captain Drinian, a faun sailor, Tavros the minotaur, and a sailor. Tavros could have an official minotaur head, but I don't have one, so his head is brick built.

Last is Pug the slaver trader, the auctioneer, and two pirates. These guys are the enemy in this set. 

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More Pictures

Here are some more Pictures of the Lone Islands

1. close up of the pirate town

2. close up of the market

3. market in action

4. top view of the castle

5. inside of the castle

6. inside of the castle without bell tower

7. back of the pirate mountain

8. dungeon

9. detached pirate town

10. detached market 


I will try to get pictures of the inside of the buildings, and the characters are coming soon. Thanks for reading and looking at the pictures!