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The Lone Islands


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This is the Lone Islands from the movie The Chronicles of Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The Lone Islands are made up of three Islands by the names of Doorn, Avra, and Felimath. So actually, my set is just the port of Narrowhaven on the Island of Doorn.

It consists of four areas: the beach, the castle, the pirate town, and the market. it comes apart in three sections for easy transportation. The pirate town and the market can detach from the castle. The colors aren't perfect, so they could be tweaked by the Lego company. I would do it myself, but I have to work with the bricks I have.

The beach is replicated almost exactly from the movie. The castle and the market are based off of the movie, and the pirate town is not part of the movie. The only reason I added the pirate town is because in the movie there is something in that area, and I wanted to fill it up.

The beach is very simple, nothing special there. The castle has three levels, a dungeon, a bell tower, and technically the mountain is part of the pirate town, but it is attached to the castle. The back of the castle opens up to play inside. There is also a road going through the castle. The pirate town has a small house, a bar, the mountain, a lookout tower, two docks, and a secret cave underneath the ground. The market has a blacksmith's house, a telescope stall, a vegetable stall, and of course the slave market. 

I'm sorry there is only one picture. I can get more if requested, and I appreciate suggestions to make this set better. A full list of characters that could come with this set will come in an update. Please support and comment and share. Also, don't forget to check out my other project.

The Lost Temple 


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