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UCS Mech-Dragon


I’ve seen many people make dragons out of Bionicle/Hero Factory parts, but none of them actually looked much like a dragon. I knew there was a way to do it, but standing figures with thin limbs is not it. So I created The Mech-Dragon.

The Mech-Dragon is similar to a Chinese dragon in style; no wings, long body and tail, etc. I call it the Mech-Dragon because of the metallic colors I decided to use when building it.

The Model has nearly two hundred pieces, but that alone is not enough to consider it a UCS. But the fact that it is 40 in. long (over 3 ft.!) and over 6 in. tall is in my opinion.

Thanks everyone for checking this out, and if you have any questions, or if you feel the model is lacking something, please comment and I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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