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Gold Castle


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there is a story that's never been told

of a kingdom that had a huge mine of gold

in fact the amount of gold was so grand

not one peasant was found in the land

for the king had graciously shared all his riches

instead of a bunch of long boring speeches

since never a man was found that was poor

visiting that kingdom was never a bore


Ok so I'm not that great at rhyming, but that is basically the backstory of this set. there is so much gold that the king uses gold bricks for his castle, and gold stones for the road. He even decks out his knights in gold armor, but the evil knight wants some gold for himself. He decides to sneak through the forest to check out this gold castle for himself

This set features guard towers, a courtyard, a throne room, a treasure tower, the main hall, and a forest. The towers come apart to play inside.

the minifigures include the king, two knights, a guard, and an evil knight.

This is my own idea, story, and poem. This is not based off of anything.

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