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American School Bus



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【Ray's Lego Bus Model Workshop】#16101824

My “world of the buses” collection has a new member, the typical American School Bus.


Needless to say, this is one of the most common seen school bus among the US territory. Every morning and evening, these big and sturdy vehicles carries thousands of kids to and back from school, supporting the traffic of the youth. They are so iconic, that once you see these yellow machines, you know that they are not just ordinary buses.

[Design of the model]

The design took several month total to complete. We are trying to build it as resemblance to a real one as possible. We did a lot of the real dimension to scale analysis, and decided to make one that is the same scale as minifigures, (thus could go along) and as accurate as possible. Moreover, there are several tough points, different from regular buses, such as stop signs working arm, curved top, narrow working doors etc. (so many fun parts!)

Luckily they all came along with the new fantastic model.

Key part, the working stop sign:

To design the working stop sign takes a long time. We tried most of the designs, but it turns out that they may stands out from the outer shell too far and thus not realistic. We want a design that when the sign withdraws it merged to the outer shell as close as possible, like the real bus, that’s why we finally chose this new design of the stop sign. Please see pictures for details.

[Model Details]

This model comes with the authentic outlook, any memories from the past?

(Sadly, more than half of them are already retired, becoming part of our precious childhood moments, that’s why with your support this could be one that stands on your book shelf to refresh your memories!)

The details:

-Iconic Front

-Outside details, windows (see them open?)

-Real Engine compartment

-Side storage compartment (6 big and 1 small, and we have put something useful inside)

-Windows and doors

-Extra mirror details

-Special stop lights

-Authentic interior details


(Play with) Moving parts:

-Adjustable mirrors,

-Front safety shield/bar

-Emergency exits open (both sides)

-Luggage compartment opens (there are 7! )

-Front door opens as real bus

-Real engine compartment opens! (backup blinker lights inside)

-Working stop signs

-Easy detachable roof for interior access.

-Also included are the “charter bus” logos (could be easily exchanged front and back) and the school bus route #

-Front wheel Steering

-Driver sun shade adjustable

[Additional Details]

Difficulty: Medium.

This model comes with around 1000 pieces, and an estimated cost would be $90. (current LEGO price per piece is around 9c) Hopefully with the mass production of LEGO, it could be further lowered.

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