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Killer Croc Battle


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Oh no?

Killer Croc has captured Tim Drake and destroyed his Robin suit! Can Batman get there in time to save his crime-fighting partner? You decide! When he does fire the missiles with four extra sets! Then if Croc gives chase pursue him in the high speed Bat-boat! Set includes 3 minifigures with accessories plus Robin suit for Tim Drake to change!

Main description

Piece count is 352

has 3 minifigures plus Robin suit ( minifigures are Killer Croc, Tim Drake and Batman)

Includes  Bat-boat, Croc-boat and Killer Croc's layer

In the pictures it shows what Batman looks like

Killer Croc is a prototype same with Tim Drake so that's why there isn't a picture of all three together

If you want a redesigned Killer Croc then spread the word for support

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