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Harry Potter Advent Calendar!

A Harry Potter Advent calendar is something I would love to see as it may give us a chance to get some extra, unique minifigs that weren't in any of the actual sets.

The days could go as follows:
Day 1: Luggage Trolley with Hedwig (pictured)
Day 2: Kreacher Minifigure
Day 3: Dumbledore's Army Target
Day 4: Weasley's Wizard Wheezes Fireworks (pictured)
Day 5: Devil's Snare Pit (pictured)
Day 6: Potions Cabinet (pictured)
Day 7: The Grim, Buckbeak and Crookshanks
Day 8: Blaise Zabini Minifigure
Day 9: Gringott's Bank Cart (pictured)
Day 10: Horcrux Locket Island (pictured)
Day 11: Baby Voldemort and Cauldron
Day 12: Quidditch Set
Day 13: Nymphadora Tonks Minifgiure
Day 14: Dark Mark (pictured)
Day 15: Goblet of Fire (pictured)
Day 16: Cho Chang Minifigure
Day 17: Quidditch World Cup Tent and Campfire (pictured)
Day 18: Mini Aragog
Day 19: Chamber of Secrets Entrance with Snake Tap. (pictured)
Day 20: Dudley Dursley Minifigure
Day 21: Hufflepuff Bed with Logo Blanket-Tile (pictured, without printed tile)
Day 22: Kingsley Shacklebolt Minifigure
Day 23: Orphan Tom's Bedroom with Burning Cupboard
Day 24: Santa-suit Voldemort and Knitted H-Jumper Harry with Santa Hat Minifigures

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