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Working Roller Coaster!

To date I built 2 working LEGO roller coasters. One normal and one inverted. Both have motorized chain lifts and working gates.

My first coaster has 5 functions, all of them being powered through a gearbox by a single XL motor.
- Opening and closing gates
- 2 section station
- 1 small and 1 large lifthill
Want to see it in action? Please watch this youtube video:

My second coaster is an inverted one, with:
- 5 cart inverted roller coaster train
- Half corkscrew followed by a half loop (is this called a Diving loop? Reply in the comments!)
- Total heigth: - Track: 79 studs - Overall: 95 studs
- Track length of the track (measured from the middle of the track): 655,5 studs
- Powered by 1 Mindstorms NXT unit
- 3 NXT servo motors
- 3 NXT sensors: 2 touch and 1 color
- working gates
Want to see it in action? Please watch this youtube video:

Both coasters probably won’t make it into a set, without a lot of changes. I do hope LEGO makes some sort of roller coaster once, maybe smaller, maybe withouth the flowers and working gates. It wouldn't be that expensive, probably somewhere around €50 or less. At the moment I'm trying to build a small, affordable coaster, that has a good chance of getting through the review stage.

Did you built a coaster with the same system as the 2 coasters above (so with the bendable tubes)? Reply in the comes and I'll add a link in this description!

Uploaded at 21-10-2011

A big thanks to everyone who supported this project! Over 1000 supporters now!

A close-up on my first coaster.

A better look on the 4 cars, and the working gates.

An overview of my inverted roller coaster

A close-up on the station, with the working gates.

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