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City Roads Booster Pack: Intersections

One of a road's essential functions, the intersection is key to maintaining a constant flow of traffic in a city. So far, Lego has only used street corners in sets, not entire intersections. This set hopefully would solve that problem. Included would be 3 intersection baseplates (1 with 4-way printing, one with 3-way printing, and one with one-way/two way intersection printing), 4 single direction traffic signal posts, and 4 dual direction traffic signal posts. The set would have no minifigures and a total of 405 bricks.

Set 1/3 in the City Roads Booster Pack series.

The intersection of a two-way street and a one-way street with 2 "Do Not Enter" signs, a dual direction traffic signal post, and a single direction traffic signal post.

The four-way intersection with 3 standard signal posts and one 2-way signal post.

The 3-way intersection with 2 dual direction traffic signal posts.

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