Product Idea

Pool Set

Originating in 15th century France, billiards, or pool, started out as a game much like croquet. The game was later moved indoors onto a table with a grasslike material and a border around the edge. The balls, however was not struck by a long stick, but shoved by wooden sticks called maces. In the 1600s, a cue was added in. Because of its large head, the mace was difficult to use at times. Soon after people began to realize they could bounce the balls off the walls and thus became the "bank shot." At the start of the Industrial Revolution, people began using chalk on cues before the cues even had tips. The leather cue tip was later invented in 1832. 

I myself have created my own version of the game of Billiards, or at least the equipment. Everything you need to play but the table is included. Let me warn you beforehand, the set is not meant to be actually used for actual pool. I cannot guarantee that the balls will stay intact while rolling around and/or being struck, because not many lego products I've seen will. Each of the balls are 8 cm in diameter, the rack is 56 cm on each side, and the cues are each 136.96 cm long.