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Modern Japanese Sushi Restaurant


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Welcome to MARUKOZUSHI, a modern Japanese sushi restaurant located in the food court of one of the most important buildings in Tokyo; you may notice some differences from the other restaurants all over the world, please follow the next suggestions to fully enjoy your experience.

Please queue at the entrance; Japanese love queues, but do not worry, they scroll fast here. You can have a soft drink from the vending machine while waiting (hot or cold), pick a present at one of the three gachapon machines or use the public phone if you need it.

When your turn comes, you can enter the restaurant and sit on the tables, ordering from the touchpad in front of you, or you can choose to sit at the counter; in this last case, you need to pay in advance at the ticket vending machine outside before entering. Do not worry, our staff will help you on your choice.

Do not forget to wrap your umbrella at the available machine if it is wet, thank you for your kindness.

Please use the chopsticks provided on every table; glasses are on top, next to the towels and the soy sauces (strong tamari or sweet ama dare). Put a couple of matcha powder teaspoons inside the glass and stir it with the hot water poured from the faucet on your left.

As you can see from our on-line menu, we have a lot of seafood specialties at your disposal:

Everything is freshly prepared by our local chefs; while you wait for you orders, if you want you can read our updated selection of manga and magazines located inside the restaurant.

We hope to see you soon again!


Yes, everything I wrote is based on real experiences; everything in Japan is unique, awesome and astonishing, viewed with the eyes of a western tourist. In this project I wanted to reproduce just a little part of this dream, I hope you appreciate every detail and like it.

Marco-san (Hotdog Productions)

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