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Micro MineCraft Mushroom Biome Extension Pack

Loved LEGO Minecraft? You're sure to love this! This mushroomy scene will make a perfect addition for your LEGO Minecraft World. You can play with the Mooshroom Cows above, or go mining deep in the caves below. Whatever is your cup of tea, you'll find it here in the land of the mushrooms.
This set includes:
6 Giant Mushrooms
10 Small Mushrooms
4 Mooshroom Cows
4 Mushroom Islands
6 Connecting Rods
The mycelium-covered islands include two caves with lava, diamonds, and redstone ore.

Heres a pic of the Mooshrooms and the big and small mushrooms. The big mushrooms are in exact proportion in LEGO as they would be in the game.

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