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Cruising the Seas

The reason why I made the cruise is because I went on a cruise and I had so much fun. I then wanted to make a lego cruise. Now I will tell you what is in it, what it can do, and what is on it.

  • The cafe can come up, and with it the floor
  • Under the floor is a bedroom
  • The lifeguard ladder can move to also make it a docking ladder
  • There is a pool
  • A cafe
  • A bedroom
  • A waterfall in the pool
  • A jet in the pool
  • A lifeguard stand
  • A captains quarter
  • A fish tank
  • A diving board
  • 2 water slides
  • A pool for the baby
  • A speaker
  • An anchor
  • Contains 8 minifigures, 2 dogs, 1 baby, 2 floaties, 1 ball, 1 motorcycle and 2 cars

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