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Star Wars Chess Set


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Thanks guys!


4th Place!

This is now the fourth most supported chess set on Ideas! Unfortunately, that is not enough. We are still a long ways away from meeting even the one thousand mark. We are also running out of time. It has been nearly fifty days since this project was submitted, and we only have 264 supporters. That's only five supporters a day. It needs at least 31 a day. So PLEASE!!! post this on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and send a message to Lego that we want MORE CHESS SETS!!!



I have finally created new pieces after having gotten several comments about the mixed eras and figures on my original SW Chess Set. I did not have time to render the image, so it is a bit grainy.


Now the pieces are:

Black’s King – Darth Sidius

Black’s Queen – Count Dooku

Black’s Bishop – Super Battle Droid

Black’s Knight – General Grevious

Black’s Rook – Tie Fighter

Black’s Pawn – Battle Droid

White’s King - Yoda

White’s Queen – Obi-Wan

White’s Bishop - Wookie

White’s Knight – C-3PO / R2-D2

White’s Rook – Obi-Wan’s Fighter

White’s Pawn – Clone Trooper



200 supporters!!! Thanks guys!!! To reach fourth place, we need 54 more votes, so be sure to tell your friends!


5th Most Supported - Nearly 200 Supporters

This chess set is now the fifth most supported chess set on Ideas! And it has nearly 200 supporters as of 12/09/14. Thanks to all those who have supported this project!


Thank you all supporters!

This project has rapidly gained nearly 150 supporters, and has now taken over as the 7th most supported chess set on Ideas (previously help by my medieval chess set). Please tell your friends and help this project reach 10,000 supporters.

(Update on changing the pieces to fit their respective era's: I have not had much time recently, but am still trying some new things.)