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Xylophone (With Sticks)


Lego instruments? Yes, that's what this is. Many people love music, and many people like Lego, but put them together and what do you get? You get all music enthusiasts involved with Lego and all of the Lego enthusiasts involved with music. A brilliant idea? Probably. Who knows how far the Lego Group can go with all these possibilities? There are lots of different instruments out there, and many instruments means many people.

     It's amazing how many people I have met that love music as well as Lego. Something like this would be a dream come true for those people. Here are more instrument possibilities: guitar, keyboard, drums, trumpet, saxophone, harmonica, accordion, bells, and so many more.

     I would like you (guy or girl) to take part in this. If you love music, Lego, or music AND Lego both, click SUPPORT. Also, please give feedback (feedback that is positive or helpful or something along those lines). Also, get the word out, I can't do this on my own. Let's do this!

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