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The Bush Plane


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The Bush Plane

Named and used for it's ability to go where other planes cannot. Variations of the bush plane can be seen in the wilds of Canada, Australia and Alaska even in major cities all over the world.
When hauling people and cargo to extreme locations, the bush plane can do it all. Landing gear can be configured for land, wheels or tundra tires. Floats for landing on water (as seen on my model). Or Skis for snow and ice landings. Such a versatile plane makes it a favorite among pilots that need to go where runways don't exist.

I hope you enjoy my rendition of this plane. Thanks for looking :)

Included are a few pics and information as to how I made it.

How I did and you can too:

1. Building the core. I'm sure there are many ways to do this but here is how I did. You can see the pieces I used in the cut-away section in the front. 3 black plates make up the inner core, two stuck together facing one direction, one will face the other direction (plates will slide until fastened at the top or bottom. Attached on the sides with the 2x2 plates and brackets (part #2436).

2. Close-up of the core

3. Build the tail section. This could be altered to your desired length. Mine was designed to fit the slope piece that covers the side (part #42060).

4. Tail section complete. I put 3 of the tapered wing pieces together to make up the top part (part #2413).

5. Build the cab section. Windshield is part #57783. Right - Back tail (part #45301) with connectors 61678.

6. Cab and back tail section together.

7-8. Build the wings. Lots of part #15068.

9. Connecting the wings. Part #6630 connects to the top of the cab and holds the wings.

10. Top cab section ready to be attached to the main body.

11. Wings on. Top cab and main body attachment placement.  

12. Cover the sides with slopes (part #50950) leaving two places to attach the landing gear. Begin construction of the floats.

13. Attach floats.

14-15. This is how I made the back wing. I'm sure there are better ways to do this but i like the look of the pre-made wing. I just build a section that mimics a rudder.

Other pics of the front and prop. Again, this can be adjusted to your preference of color and prop configuration. Enjoy!