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Lego Masterchef


It's the finale of Masterchef and the contestants are hard at work in a head to head contest. Jimmy, the East Coast fisherman, has set his food alight with a blowtorch. One of the judges is not impressed, could he have made a gross mistake or is he achieving the flame grilled flavor he so desperately required for his dish? Mavis, a high school teacher on the other hand has created a pink "au jus" made out of red wine, cranberries and a secret ingredient, could the secret ingredient result in her downfall?

This Lego set replicates the finale of Masterchef where two contestants compete at making the most delicious and attractive dish. This would be appealing to all fans of Masterchef in creating there own Materchef set and challenge. The set has a fully equipped utensil and equipment section, along with groceries and fresh food to meet the contestants needs and creativity. The fridge stores the items that require cooling including crab. The section that is dedicated to the cooking includes a stove / oven, along with working space, just enough to complete their creations. The judges are fun, serious and playful, one judge is already toasting to a successful series! There is even a cat watching all the fun and waiting for some delicious leftovers. 




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