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Singing in the Rain

What is it?
Singing in the Rain is a comedy movie musical showing the times of emerging from the silent pictures to talking pictures.  It is full of comedy and kind of romance.  It was made in the 1950's by Metro Goldwyn Mayer but the movie studio in the show is Monumental Pictures Inc.  The main actors include Gene Kelly as Donald Lockwood, Debbie Reynolds as Kathy Selden, Donald O' Connor as Cosmo Brown, Jean Hagen as Lina Lamont, Millard Mitchell as R.F. Simpson and lastly Douglas Fowley as Roscoe Dexter.

Why did I build it?

The inspiration for this project came from watching it so many times and it being the best movie ever.  I was going to build just one scene but it was decided that it should be multiple scenes put into one project.  These scenes include 1. the front of the studio, 2. A recording platform, 3. The ending scene with the billboard, 4. Two of Cosmos scenes including the couch and the door, 5. two scenes for Don including the singing in the rain scene and his stunt part.  On the inside it has a theater with a screen and seats, and the back of the build is the opening scene.  
Why would it be good?
Well it depicts a fantastic movie.  It can have the platforms switched out for others.  It can be set up for the movie storyline and much more.  
PLEASE support and share this project!  Thanks for checking it out. 

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