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Car Dealer


The Minifigures Have Chosen!

The minifigures from the previous update have chosen a car to buy and it has been replaced already! I have also added the parts desk.Unfortunately I was unable to add sliding doors.

Even though the customer minifigures have gone, they would still be included. It would be up to LEGO to decide which car to include. I personally prefer the new sports version of the 2 Door Saloon, but I wouldn't mind either way! :)


Minifigures and New Pictures

As I promised, here is the update with minifigures. There are 4: 2 customers, a salesperson and a manager. Here are some pictures:The minifiguresThe customers are about to take a car for a test drive.They are discussing whether to buy it over some drinks and biscuits. The manager is also doing something on his computer (probably finding a car to buy).The front opens too (I forgot to mention in the description).

Keep supporting everyone! There's only 9,953 left!

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