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Ironcrest City: Skywatcher Assault


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The Skywatcher's impressive stealth capabilities enabled it to sneak past any rebel defenses without being discovered. The Ironcrest City police used the Skywatcher's advanced capabilities to decimate any and all attempts of rebellion.
But even though the Skywatcher proved it's worth, only experienced pilots are allowed to fly them. One of these is Kadra Kord. She is one of Ironcrest City's top pilots.

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This is a heavily customized bulldozer. It can fit two minifigures, and the top can be easily removed. The bulldozer has been modified into something like a tank. It has dual turrets, and large treads, enabling it to conquer even the toughest of terrain.

This is a front view of the tank.

This is the pilot of the Skywatcher. The Skywatcher features two heavy guns on each wing, and two smaller, guns on the inside of the wings.

This is the back of the Skywatcher. It has a small yet powerful engine, the small engine muffles much of the regular sound generated by normal aircraft.

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