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Sand Green Kitchen


Relax and hang out in the beautiful sand green kitchen! Make a croissant in the oven, or just sit at the mini table and eat a cupcake! For those special occasions, set out the cherry pie to enjoy. This detailed set includes:

  • Kitchen with microwave, trash can, sink, salt and pepper shakers, cherry pie, oven, stove, six cabinets, three drawers, soap dispenser, and table with chair set.
  • 132 pieces
  • Nice black and white checkered floor
  • Boy minifigure with cupcake and cup
  • Girl minifigure with croissant
  • Gold flowerpot with flowers

If you like this set, please vote to try to put this set into production. This is my first set, and it's bound to have flaws. If you find any, please comment and suggest things. Thanks!

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