Product Idea

Apple Watch

Hey guys!!! I'm MattTheCat12 (although if I can, I will soon be changing my username to MattTheWaffleCat (I just now found out that I can't do that, like 20 minutes later so just ignore that)) and I'm back with another project that I have literally worked on almost nonstop, all day today! If you haven't already read the title, it's an Apple Watch!! The pictures in which there is a screen on the screen are just representations of what stickers might go well with the model based on the real thing and if you just build it without any stickers, the screen will just be blank. I did however create the screens on my own using Pages, Preview, and Powerpoint (so I guess the 3 P's that I use almost constantly) so none of the pictures are from the internet, so Lego Ideas, you can't tell me that you're not going to approve my project because I can only use my own pictures because I totally did, they're just based off of actual pictures. Anyway, the first picture uploaded is my lego recreation of the Apple Watch website ( You'll see what I mean if you go to that website. Anyway, I'll continue talking about the actual project. It has a part count of 55 bricks and is pretty simple to make. I really think this project should become a real Lego Set because it's fun for kids (like me) who don't have Apple Watches. I remember when I was younger making DSs (if anyone else remembers when those were popular) and Laptops and whatnot and I loved it so I think this project would be great for young kids as well as adults who want an Apple Watch but don't feel like buying one!! I thouroughly enjoyed designing this project and I think that if it becomes a Lego Set, everyone who builds it will have fun as well. Well everybody, I guess that's all for today (and tomorrow) but as always, remember to click that Support button kind of in that direction--> and let's go for a goal of maybe, I don't know, let's see if we can get at least 16 supporters, shall we!! If we can get to 500 (or if this project Expires) I'll put the instructions in an update!! Anyway, goodbye and remember to support!!!