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An Interesting Situation


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If one can go against the gravity force, walking freely or even cycling on the wall, it must be an interesting situation.

A young man was cycling and listening to music with his headphone, and there was a white cat at the back of his bicycle. He was cycling so fast and did not care about the others, causing a teenager and a office worker who was holding his briefcase had to dodge him. The teenager has dropped his croissant and pizza while the office worker dropped his newspaper (and out of expectation, the food on the ground soon attracted the mouse).

A father thought that his daughter has grown up and should not play with her teddy bear anymore, so without asking her permission, he threw her teddy bear into the garbage bin. When the daughter found out, she thought that her father was too much and she cried, wanting to collect back the teddy bear from the bin.

An owner of a dog, trying to attract his dog's attention with some bones, as he found out that the dog was paying its attention at the white cat at the back of the bicycle. The dog did not realise that there was a brown cat beside it. The brown cat was shocked and jumped on the wall when it saw the dog.

All the situations above are very interesting because they all happened on the wall against the gravity force.

I hope that all of you will like this set. Your support and your vote are very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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