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The Theorizing Office


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Hi there again, but I am not going to tell you this is my first project. But to those who don’t know me yet I’m Greenflame24.


    This project was not inspired my anything really, it was just my own random idea. I am big into theorizing, I really like it. I could spend hours making and reading theories. This office is sorta a dream office of mine which includes a large desk, a book shelf to keep recard books or whatever I would need, a computer to browse the web for info, and a small Lego table to take a little break. Yeah and if you haven’t noticed the minifigure is my avatar. Now on to the “questions”


    How long did it take me to build this set?


    Well if you don’t count the time it took me to find the peaces I’d say about 15-20 minutes.


    What inspired me to build this set?


    Read the top section.


    Why did I build this set?


    Well It was a new Idea as far as I know, I don’t ever remember seeing a set like this before in the past years of watching Lego Ideas and wanted to see how well it would do. Yeah even though I practically just joined I have been watching different creations for at least a year and a half.


    What are the play features in this set?


    Well I don’t say there are really all that Manny play features here, but if you think about it some of the ideas sets we have seen go through are more for just display than play. I mean you can take the books off the shelf and stack the “Lego bricks” on the table, but otherwise there art that many play features here. 


    Anyways that is about it, so go ahead and knock that support button out of the water! Also please please please please please share this on social media, no literally and I am not just putting those pleases there for fun. And please note that I am going to restrain from chatting in comments.


Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!

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