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The Galaxy Squad Base


Hello to everyone!

My new project is Galaxy soldier`s base. Galaxy Squad is one of my favourite series and I hope brave space soldiers and cute insectoids  will be back.

Now Galaxy Squad strikes back! Humans came to the insectoids planet and built a small base. You can open it and look inside. The right side is bedroom with two beds, the left side is kitchen. In the center you can see rack for guns and radio.

There are two lamps over the door. Also there is Danger indicator wich consist of four lights: if you see all blue lights there are no insectoids near the base; one red light means a little bit insectoids; many red lights means a lot of enemies. Near the door you can find upstais to the roof. Sentry guard`s place there. He seat at the desk, watch for equipment and stake out the enemies. Sun battaries and communication antenna at the roof too. Two video cameras are at the base`s corners.

This set includes two Galaxy SuperSoldier Minifigures wearing grey uniform with Galaxy Squad`s emblems.

Support please if you love Galaxy Squad and space adventures!



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