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Gorillaz STYLO


In 2009, virtual band Gorillaz released their single "STYLO". It came in conjunction with their album "Plastic Beach".
 The video for the song features 3 out of 4 band members riding a battered, bullet-riddled car called "Stylo" through a dessert scenery in a high-octane pursuit.

The STYLO car:
I have here tried my best to render the bands iconic car in Lego form.
The car has been fitted with a supercharger. I tried to build the car in a slightly smaller scale, than the previous Ecto1 and DeLorean, as the character (Cyborg) Noodle had to be able to lean out the window without making the car looking to of scale. I ended up opting for a Speed Champions like scale instead.
Appropriately, the car fits “Murdoc” and “2D” in the cockpit, and Cyborg Noodle leaning out the window (The wrong way! I know.) with her shotgun. The roof is removeable and the cockpit features steering wheel and gearshift / turbo.
The bullet holes on the sides are here represented by metallic studs. The one front light (left side) is out as well as the left side-view mirror. I have even been able to fit a rear window.
Details, such as the star on the sides and the name on the front grill are missing but would require prints or stickers.
A small dune and some bushes are included to set the scene.

Russel minibuild:
In the original video, Gorillaz drummer “Russel” is not featured but it seemed wrong not to include him. I therefore designed this little minibuild with the “giant” Russel carrying a small yellow rubber raft, presumably containing (the non cyborg) Noodle. His legs are off course included.
You can perhaps watch the “Melancholy Hill” music video where he is briefly visible.

The minifigures featured in the set are, left to right on the picture of them: 2D, Murdoc, (Cyborg) Noodle with her shotgun and Russel with the yellow raft.
It would have been more appropriate to include the “real” Noodle in the set, but I could not find a proper context to put her in. The (Cyborg) Noodle figure could perhaps be scrapped for a (real) Noodle figure. But in the context of the set, I do not think it would make much sense.
(All the minifigures are rudimentairy, and need a redesign).

Final thoughts:
If made in to a Lego set, this would provide good play value for children, setting the scene for chases, as well as peaceful driving. More adult buyers would have a nice display and collectors four colourful minifigures.

Thank you for taking a look!
I hope that my idea was something for you and that you will support it.


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