Product Idea

Minifig Rally Car

Unnamed Rally Car. Personally reminds me of a Subaru WRX. Really proud of it, so just want to share it with the world. Original sitting on my desk uses the stickered roof and 2x2 tile from 4433 Dirtbike Transporter. Majority of all parts used to make this model (originally) came from 60008 Museum Break-in (burglar van) and 10696 Medium Creative Box. Changes from the original have been made for coloration purposes. Model is also extremely robust and seats one minifigure. Built and rendered using . You can download the file here: Yeah, it floats off the ground in the render, tire model box stuck sideways, so its dimensions are in a diamond that are at a point much lower than the actual lowest point is and... You know what, it's just floating because of a glitch. I'll leave it at that.