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Santa's Gingerbread House


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Gingerbread house

As soon as it gets colder and the first snow begins to fall, the best time of the year is coming: Christmas time. When you can smell the cookies in the oven and the Christmas tree is shining in it's full beauty, everybody knows that Christmas will be here soon.

Usually, we rush though the shops to get all the presents and other things we think we need. Because of this, we often forget what Christmas truly is about: spending time with the family, playing games together and probably, building a gingerbread house.

In this set, you will find santa claus with his cute white kitty next to our beloved house made of gingerbread and decorated with delicious sweets. Designed on a 16x16 plate, you can display it everywhere you want, and not only on christmas but the whole year long.

With great love to sweets and candy, this house was designed to make the world a little bit sweeter. And when you look at it, you might remember the true meaning of Christmas again.

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