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Batman Three-Set Gotham Modular


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Hello fellow Lego fans and thank you for viewing my idea.
As both a Lego fan and a DC Comics fan, words cannot describe my joy and satisfaction with the official sets. However, as I tinkered with Killer Croc's absence from the present theme, i started throwing pieces around. I put some arches together to make a circle, and all of a sudden the pieces fell together. at first I created the Killer Croc "Sewer Speed Chase"
set, but it soon became bigger.

I made it into three modular sets representing three levels of Gotham.The middle level was a subway tunnel that would easily fit on top of the sewer. The next part was a Gotham street on top of that.

The first set, or part of the set, Features a two minifigures, as all of theses sets do. The first is Batman, in a grey and black costume with no "Yellow Oval" logo, resembling the Lego Batman version of the character. The other minifigure is an altered Killer Croc. It is similar to original Killer Croc, however instead of black hands he has green hands to match his head and torso, which is similar to the swamp monster torso, and he has light sand blue legs. Killer Croc rides a Crocodile with a dragon head, which allows him to control it with chains. Batman has a small speedboat similar to previous designs. The tunnel has an opening gate on one end and an opening on the side. A skull, a plant, and leaking sewage decorate the tunnel.

The second level is a subway tunnel chase. I felt to include Batman in all three sets would be redundant, so Robin is the star of the set. The Robin seen in this set is a simple variant of the current minifigure in such sets as the 6860 Batcave and the 6857 Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape. He bears the same chest and cape, but he now has green arms, legs, and hands, and he has the Cole DX hair from Ninjago. His face bears a redesigned green mask. The villain for this set is one that has been anticipated since the original Lego Batman game; Mad Hatter. The Hatter is Has a hat and torso similar to the minifigures series Leprechaun, orange short legs, and a mischievous face. He comes with a revolver. Robin has a custom subway speeder and Mad Hatter has a rail cart.

The last, and top set is a Gotham street, featuring to lampposts. The set features Nightwing, identical to the 76011 Batcopter set version, but the red is replaced with blue. I felt this would add some variety to the character that would please fans of the classic suit. He comes with a motorcycle and two escrima sticks. The villains for this set is the less known Anarky. Had the Beware the Batman show continued, Anarky could have been in a set, and I feel fans of that show ill enjoy this. Anarky has bright red hands, hood, and lower torso. He has a scowling look on his off-white face. He too rides a motorcycle, but the smaller style. He carries two knives and two "Root Beer Bottle Bombs*" to stay true to the character's style. the set also comes with two lampposts. The bottom of the lamp post can be open for Anarky to hide a surprise bomb.

When the three sets are stacked, it provides a nice cutaway of multiple levels of Gotham city, fun to play with and to display.

Thank you for looking and supporting,



*Anarky's weapons are based on an actual Finnish weapon I feel I should not name. I do not want to encourage the violence or awareness of the violence they cause in children, so I did not use their real name. They are strictly root beer bottles in accordance with the Lego group's guidelines for the use of specific beverages.