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Lego Safe


The Lego Safe

The Lego safe is a great way to hide small valuables such as money and minifigures. This piece can hang on most traditional picture frame hooks so it can be disguised as a Lego picture frame; you can put any picture you want in it as long as it is 131mm x 112mm, but this is easily customisable. On the side are two grey dials one is the key to the safe the other is a fake to keep people off the trail(see pictures). The drawer is 9 x 4 x 2 bricks in volume and is opened with a small magnet as there is no handle. For extra secrecy hide the magnet as well!

Thanks to HouseHoldHacker who gave me the great idea of a magnet drawer

Check out some of his videos I can't post the actual video due to the fact that it makes it look i am endorsed by Lego (which i'm not) 

(don't worry the rest was my idea)

Hope you like it!


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